Could you donate to see more refugees, like Milad, receive a welcome into community by their local church?

We believe that no refugee should be alone. As Christians, God’s instruction to ‘welcome the stranger’ compels us to respond to welcome refugees in the UK.

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Help us be there for refugees in the UK

"They took the time to listen to me, I was a stranger but they helped me anyway. Now we are good friends. There is a sense of family, people who are like you and me. We are all the same, just from different places."


"It took three and a half years for me to get permission to remain in the UK. The people I met were all friends to me through this time. They were praying for me and gave me hope. They texted me all the time and were lovely."


"Since coming to the UK, I have met some beautiful people. They did not know me but they helped me anyway. Over time I formed great friendships with these people and they made a huge impact on my life."



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