Become a Welcome Church

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Welcome Planning

What does being good news for refugees look like in your community? We will work with you to put an action plan together for your church. Becoming a Welcome Church will influence the entire cultural and activities of your church. That’s why our experienced team will meet with your church leadership team to put this plan together and to help you explore possibilities that you may not have explored yourself.

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2. Welcome Training

We will commit to making this plan become a reality! We will provide initial Coordinator and
Welcomer (volunteer) training for your church. This training will include: education on who
are the refugees arriving to the UK, working cross-culturally, safeguarding, befriending, and
how to coordinate a project. We will help you to work with local referral agencies and give
your church a Christian voice in the local refugee landscape.


3. Welcome Network

As a Welcome Church, you will receive ongoing support and expert advice to help you respond to the challenges and encouragements of working with refugees. These cover three
key areas: welcome, building community, sharing good news. You will also have access to our network of Welcome Churches and ongoing training as the UK adapts to welcoming refugees in the future.

Your church may also choose to use our different resources which we will be developing and providing further training in: Welcome Boxes, Welcome Houses, Welcome Holidays, Welcome to                                                            the UK Course, Welcome to the Church and much more to follow!


Refugee Stories

Read some stories of refugees lives' being transformed through projects throughout the UK