Welcome Projects

We believe that newly-arrived refugees and asylum seekers deserve the very best quality of care and support that is on offer. Our projects equip and resource the local church to play a positive role in welcoming refugees to their local area.


Welcome Boxes

Specifically equipping churches to welcome and support asylum seekers, housed in Home Office accommodation.  Trained volunteers deliver a Welcome Box, filled with small gifts, to the homes of people who have recently arrived in the area. They provide information about local groups and services and support asylum seekers to find a place to belong within community.


Welcome Houses

Resourcing and equipping churches to provide affordable housing for refugees in need of a home.


Welcome to resettlement

Empowering churches and volunteers to positively engage with the government's Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme in your local area.


Welcome Holidays

Do you live in an area where other people like to come on holiday?We are looking for churches who could host a Welcome Holiday, giving refugees the chance to escape from the stress and chaos that life in the UK can bring.


Welcome to Community Sponsorship

Equipping churches to take a lead in facilitating community sponsorship of refugees in their local community.


Welcomer training

Education and awareness for churches on the needs of refugees and asylum seekers arriving in the UK? Who are the people coming to the UK? Why are they coming and what are their needs? How can your church positively welcome refugees into your community?