No Refugee Alone


WELCOME CHURCHES' vision is for every refugee in the UK to be welcomed by their local church. 

Your church is rich in resources and skills that make you a welcoming community! No matter where your church is, or what your experience has been so far, Welcome Churches can better equip you to welcome and integrate refugees into your community.

The Welcome Churches team has a wealth of experience in welcoming refugees and asylum seekers arriving in the UK. No matter how refugees are arriving in your area, we want to help you to be a welcoming community for them.



WELCOME CHURCHES has grown out of Reach Derby Church and Upbeat Communities - a charity set up by the church in 2005 to help refugees arriving in the city.

Reach Derby now has over 100 members from a refugee background. Welcome Churches helps other churches across the UK, embrace the diversity and contribution that refugees bring.

We equip churches through providing training and a Welcome Network, designed to connect refugees with a local church in their area. Join our network today. Together, we can see no refugee alone in the UK.