Data Protection Advisor

We are looking for an individual who is able to advise the Welcome Churches team on matters concerning Data Protection on a voluntarily basis. As we all know, data protection is vital in order to build trust with our supporters and new Neighbours (refugees and asylum seekers) who we are coming into contact with.Whilst Welcome Churches’ Senior Management team will continue to have responsibility and oversight for Data Protection, we are looking for an individual who is able to help in following areas:

  • Proof-reading all Data Protection Agreements and Privacy Policies drafted by the Welcome Churches team,

  • Provide guidance to the Welcome Churches team regarding necessary measures and policies to protect personal data held by Welcome Churches,

  • Ensure that the Welcome Churches team is adhering the Data Protection standards in the UK.


Experience required:

  • Knowledge of UK Data Protection Law and its impact for charities,

  • Understanding of data protection policies,

  • Experience of the UK charity sector,

  • Knowledge of UK Churches and how they work in their local communities.


I am really interested, what should I do?

That’s great! Thank you so much for already showing a generous attitude in supporting Welcome Churches with your skills. The first thing to do is to find out more about us. Check out our values at:

Please email to request the Welcome Churches Associates application form. Once we have received this, we will get in touch to talk face-to-face or over Skype to discuss the role. The Welcome Churches team will then decide if working with you is in both yours and our best interests.

If you will be handling sensitive data, we will also ask you to sign a contract with Welcome Churches in order to keep our data safe and secure.

*Please note that all Welcome Churches Associates roles are on a voluntarily basis*

Thank you once again for showing interest in this role. We love it when other people join us to see no refugee alone!

Emily Holden