Darius' Story

Darius:  “My friendship with Daniel and Sarah has meant so much to me. They invited me out for walks in the countryside and into their home. Recently I was invited to their wedding which was so special as I have no family here…

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RefugeeEmily HoldenRefugee
Saadiya's Story*

Saadiya: "My husband was not good. He was 33 years old and I was 17. He insulted me and hated me. He did not like my girls as he wanted boys. I had many problems with my husband. I went to one organisation to ask for help and they refused. My husband was a political member, so they were afraid to help. I tried to make a case against my husband, but it was very difficult to stay in my country with my children...

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Emma's Story

Emma: "Welcoming refugees and asylum seekers is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, but also one of the most challenging. Nobody can prepare you for what the next few moments hold as you’re stood waiting on the doorstep of a stranger, waiting to greet them for the first time with the Welcome Box. Clutching a box full of love, compassion, vulnerability, hope and friendship, I realised the impact I could have on the lives of refugees and asylum seekers...

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