Darius' Story

Darius* is from Iran and had to leave because his life was in danger from the government. Whilst in Iran he had an Armenian friend at work who often shared Bible stories and these had really touched Darius, who was from a Muslim family.


Darius arrived in the UK but felt very lonely and depressed so he decided to visit a local church. Darius literally knocked on the church door and found people who welcomed him into their midweek home group. He started to experience a new peace and joy in his life as he learnt more about Jesus. Over time he made the decision to follow Christ and be baptized.

He then had to move to a new city and found himself alone again. At the local library, he met some other Iranians who invited him to church where met Daniel* and Sarah*.

They offered to help him move some furniture into his new flat and Darius persuaded them to stay for a meal.

“We were so blown away by Darius’ hospitality” said Daniel. “I was going through a difficult time and he really helped me find God again.” Darius said “My friendship with Daniel and Sarah has meant so much to me. They invited me out for walks in the countryside and into their home.

Recently I was invited to their wedding which was so special as I have no family here”. Darius now has permission to stay in the UK and is looking for work. He volunteers by helping welcome other refugees who arrive in the city and serves on the welcome team at church.

Names changed to protect identities

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